Your personal best time (PB) is the fastest time you have ever swam for an individual event.  If you swim in a relay only the time of the 1st swimmer counts as a recognised time.

To see your best times achieved at designated (Licensed) Open Meets – CLICK HERE


What are time trials?
Swimmers are asked to swim over certain distances as fast as they can. The times are recorded along with any disqualifications (following ASA laws), and displayed on notice boards and website.
What distances?
Sprint time trials  25m or 50m each stroke
200m time trials  200m freestyle
Who does time trials?
All swimmers in Goldfish/Piranhas/Stingrays & Dolphins take part in sprint time trials (occasionally Sharks – depending on what other competitions are scheduled)
All hour group swimmers doing the 200m freestyle time trials.
Why do we do time trials?
Results from time trials are used to measure improvement and to help select swimmers for galas and extra training sessions. Click here for time trial results


Short Course (25m) club records were set up in 1999 using club championship records, championships results since 1991, as well as times gained by swimmers at designated open meets & Hampshire championships where we have proof of the time swum. Long Course (50m) club records were set up using times gained at long course events from 1st January 1999 (or earlier where proof of time swum has been available).

Club Records maybe broken at:

  • Club Championships
  • League Galas
  • County, District & National Championships
  • Open Meets
  • Any other event held under ASA Laws (& timetrials in exceptional circumstances)

Times may be either electronic or manual. Where an electronic time is available this will take precedence over a manual time. For a manual time to be a record a minimum of 2 timekeepers must have a recorded time for the swim. If two times are available the record is the average of these times.

Age is that of the swimmer on 31 December in the year that the time was swum. An open record may be broken by any age of swimmer. View Club Records by clicking here


Club Rankings – Are you in the Top Ten
Club rankings have been compiled based on PBs of current club swimmers. The top ten for every distance & stroke can be found by clicking here:

County / District / National Rankings
If you would like to find yourself on the National rankings list click here. (Designated meet times only)