Sharks Squad Criteria

  • National swim Award Stage 8 +
  • Full Competitive Start Award
  • Ability to train at the required intensity based on test sets & coach assessment
    • Test set 6 x 100 F/C on 2.20 holding target time of approximately 2.00.
  • Demonstrate the stamina to train at the required level based on 200m F/C times.
  • Current minimum requirement for 200m F/C: 3mins 40 secs
  • Ability to swim 400m F/C, 200m Backstroke & 200m Breaststroke demonstrating efficient and effective technique.
  • Ability to do 25m Butterfly (ASA standard) and 100m IM
  • To be able to work to the pace clock and work safely in the training lanes.
  • To be able to demonstrate the correct turn for each stroke
  • Attendance at a minimum of 3 training sessions (4 recommended) per week.
  • To be able to demonstrate aptitude and commitment to competitive swimming by:
    • Entering ALL club championships
    • Representing Alton Swimming Club at inter club galas both home & away (if selected)
    • Enter at least one recommended Open Meet per term.
  • To be capable of reaching the minimum sprint times as set out below:
    50m Front crawl 42 secs
    50m Backstroke 50 secs
    50m Breaststroke 60 secs
    25m Butterfly 24 secs