Sharks 2 Squad Criteria

This squad is designed as a transition squad to Top Squad.


It is mainly used for the older Sharks or Junior County swimmers who need a final push in achieving any outstanding criteria required to move up to the next level. Or late joiners who are not quite strong enough or ready for Top Squad

Squad Criteria:

  • Age 12+
  • Swimmers are to be able to train alongside Top Squad at a minimum of 2 x 90-minute sessions (Wednesday, Friday or Sunday) per week. They will also swim a minimum of 2 other standard Sharks sessions from either (Mon, Tue, Thu or Sun). This means swimming a minimum total of 4 sessions (5 Hours) per week in order to train hard and regularly enough in order to improve to promote accordingly.
  • Must have already achieved a minimum of 2 sprint and 1 of the 200m times (either FC or IM) relevant to age from the Top Squad criteria.
  • Must be able to maintain normal Sharks squad criteria.


Members of this squad must be competitive and are competing regularly every term.


The swimmer will either move to Recreational squad or Top Squad depending on the development gained and criteria being achieved. End of term performance reviews will determine if the swimmer remains in the squad.