Alton and District Swimming Club (“ADSC”) has, since the 1960’s, grown from humble roots at Alton’s (now no more) open air pool, to the thriving club it is today.  As a result, a significant number of hours are put into running the club, not least by the army of volunteers; Most of the admin work is unseen to club members.  With membership continuing to grow, and ADSC teaching and developing swimmers at a faster rate than ever before, the time has come to ‘future proof’ the administration side of the club.

Introducing Team Unify

To ensure ADSC can continue to work effectively and, at the same time, have latent administration capacity to enable continued growth, it was agreed by the committee that ADSC would migrate from the current plethora of disparate spreadsheets and electronic documents and centralise on Team Unify’s swim club management system.  The UK arm of Team Unify currently has around 150 UK clubs signed up, including some of ADSC’s neighbouring clubs. There are over 4,500 clubs using the US version of the program. ADSC’s chairman and committee members actively discussed the Team Unify role and benefits with clubs which had already adopted the system before making the decision to migrate.

What are the benefits?

Team Unify can best be thought of as a database with enabling and labour-saving software on top.  Just a few of the benefits for the club – members and administration – are:

  • Communication: Vastly improved coaching team and squad communication
  • Account Management: Account holder ease of viewing and updating personal records
  • Membership Clarity: Faster and reliable management of membership and subscriptions
  • Galas: Efficient and clear online entries and payment
  • Club Championships: Easier to manage and maintain
  • Faster processing of personal bests / club records
  • Attendance: Reliable statistics available to account holders
  • Mobile App!  Downloadable ‘OnDeck’ app linked to ADSC’s data via account holder login
  • Dedicated ‘Team Feed’ to enable members to keep upto date with news and events

The migration to the system will also enable ADSC to securely store data inline with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) guidelines coming in on May 25th this year.

As a swimmer parent/guardian, do I need to do anything?

Parent/guardians of swimmers will be provided with a sign up link via email which will enable you to access your member information – your Account.  Within each account, each swimmer will have their own ‘Members’ tab already set up for use.

Please do log on when you have received your sign up link and check your personal details are correct.  We would ask that you also upload a photo of your swimmer in the area provided – particularly useful for the coaching team.  (There is also a space for the account holder to upload a photo but that will be at your discretion.) You will find the new site easy to navigate.

NOTE: The back-loading of historic personal best data is an ongoing process and may not be complete prior to go-live.  If you spot any errors, they should be corrected shortly automatically and without intervention but please feel free to use ’Contact Us’ button on the new site’s homepage to pass on any observations.

When will this happen?

Between now and the end of April, please watch your email Inbox for more details.  You will receive two emails from Team Unify, the first to validate your email address, the second containing unique password setup details.

The committee sincerely hope this is as exciting for the club members as it is for those involved in the running of the club.  While an overview of Team Unify can be found on it’s website [], a screenshot of the new website and a summary of the OnDeck app are attached (the OnDeck app should be downloaded and accessed after logging onto the main site for the first time and personal details checks / photo are complete).

Graham Duddridge on behalf of the ADSC Committee #swimfast