Novice Gala Raffle and fundraising

Hi Everyone,


As most of you know the Novice Gala will take place on Sat 13th Jan at Alton Sports Centre (Goldfish, Piranhas & Stingrays).

We are looking forward to hold a raffle at the spectator’s entrance on the balcony from 4:30pm, to raise funds for the club.

However we need your help ☺

If you have something you can donate can you please email to let us know and bring it on the day and give to Sam or Lisa.

If you are not attending but would still like to donate please let us know and we will try and pick it up from one of the sessions next week (Sam is in Alton this Sunday 5-6, Monday 5-6, Wed 5-6 and Mill Chase on Thursday 6-7. Lisa will be at Alton Monday, Taro Tuesday, Mill chase Thursday, Churchers and taro Friday.)



The aim of fundraising is to support and grow Alton & District Club

We aim to support our current swimmers to achieve the best they can.
We aim to grow the club to enable more swimmers to have the opportunity to train to a high level.

This year we are looking to increase our fundraising to support a number of projects.

– Refresh of Club Kit (support to discount cost)
– Continue to Modernise Coaching (ie use of headsets)
– Support Key Swimmers to attend Training Camps
– Support competitive swimmers at events

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sam at